Where to eat the best paella in Alicante

Visiting Alicante and want to know where to eat a good paella on the Valencian coast? We show you the best paella restaurants in Alicante.

Where to eat a good paella in Alicante

Paella restaurants in the coastal town


Top 6 Paella restaurants

I thought the place was super nice. It has ambient music, in case you don’t like this kind of place.

The best thing is the variety of menus at a very competitive price. If you go with children they will be very happy.

We really liked the rice menu (there are 2, we chose the Bahia 24,9€ and tried the sirloin with vegetables).

Customer service is sometimes neglected, I guess because of the workload.

💵 An average of 25€ per person. There are several menus including rice dishes, the daily menu
📞 965 20 48 84
📍 calle Castaños, 5

This is María José San Román’s restaurant and it has one Michelin star (2013) and two Repsol suns. It pays for that.

It is a treat for the palate, the view (terrace overlooking the sea) and the nose. Good product quality and originality in the way the dishes are prepared.

Depending on the menu you can try different rice dishes, in the Monastrell I tried the mellow one with red mullet and another dry one with Iberian prey. We loved entertaining the barbecho with cauliflower and plantain.

💵 Menu from 75€.
📞 965 12 66 40
📍 Paseo Marítimo, Almirante Julio Guillen Tato

A classic in the port of Alicante overlooking the Marina. Location, decoration and atmosphere of authentic luxury.

The product comes from the fish market of Santa Pola, without a doubt of great quality. The paellas and rice dishes are made with Albufera rice bleached for this restaurant.

To try the black rice with cuttlefish and the Señoret rice. The best thing is that there is a wide variety to choose from and everything is fresh.

💵 Approx €40 per pax.
📞 965 20 73 99
📍 Muelle Levante, 6 Marina Deportiva

Located in the centre Alma de Barra is a very nice place, the atmosphere is super cosy.

Very typical to eat with cocktails with or without alcohol. The rice that I liked the most was the black rice with clams and sea bass fillets. On the other hand, the ceviche was spectacular and delicious, as was the cheeks and red shrimp taxi.

The portions may be a little small.

💵 Average of 35€
📞 966 60 37 02
📍 Calle Antonio Galdo Chápuli, 15

Nou Manolín is a reference point in Alicante where you will find traditional Alicante cuisine, specialising in rice dishes.

If you like to try the caldereta de raya (skate stew) or the rice with cuttlefish. If you want one of their classics, try the cannelloni or the fantastic calamari with onions.

Sitting at the bar for tapas is a pleasure and allows you to try more things, but it is usually full. It’s great to see how the whole team works, they are very friendly and efficient.

💵 An average of 52€ per person. There are several menus starting at €50
📞 965 61 64 25
📍 Calle Villegas, 3

A small and cosy paella restaurant. If you want something different, something that will surprise you, this is your place.

Dishes totally different from what you find nowadays when you eat out, with a personal “point”.

Some of the best paellas are: rice with trotters and raspberry, squid, cockscomb and artichokes or rice with tail and pomegranate.

Book in advance or you won’t be able to eat.

💵 Average 35€.
📞 625 78 51 08
📍 Calle Peru 13

Best paella in Alicante

Nou Manolín

Of cod skins

mejor paella alicante de pieles de bacalao nou manolín

If you want we’ll get wet, because there’s nothing worse than eating a bad paella when you’re on holiday in Alicante, land of rice dishes.
Take note of this Alicante restaurant located in the centre of Alicante.

We chose it because of the wide variety of paellas and rice dishes at a more than reasonable price considering the quality of the product.

Food: We loved it and we selected the Alicante rice dish with cod skins as it was unusual. Quite a variety of wines.
(For the arroz a banda you have to book in advance).

Service: Attentive, friendly and very professional table service, unbeatable.

Premises: They have a magnificent bar for tapas, with a spectacular ambience, with an air of tradition. They also have an elegant restaurant on the top floor. A beautiful place.

Eating paella in Alicante

Alicante is making a name for itself as one of Spain’s culinary hotspots, although this south-eastern region has always had a wealth of gastronomic talent.

Paella comes from the area north of Alicante, close to Valencia, while the Mediterranean, with all its culinary richness, washes the shores of this Costa Blanca port city. In Alicantes you will find tapas bars, paella restaurants as well as haute cuisine restaurants.

Alicante’s traditional food revolves around the Mediterranean Sea, from which its best delicacies come. However, the main characteristic of the cuisine of the area, as in the rest of the Spanish east coast, is rice.

It should be borne in mind that this is a vegetable-growing region, so pulses and vegetables are also responsible for some of the key dishes that make up traditional Alicante food.

Here are the most traditional and famous rice dishes:

  • Arroz a banda
  • Rice with crust
  • Alicante Paella

Paella restaurant in Alicante

A coastal city has many advantages when it comes to gastronomy.

It is difficult not to find good fish and seafood along the Valencian coast. The location, next to the Mediterranean Sea and almost always at the fish market, is a guarantee of good fish at a good price. For this reason the local restaurants can offer a good product at a good price. In this case we highlight the Alicante paella.

Alicante is well known for its paella and rice restaurants, although as we have mentioned, there is a wide range on offer. But what we want to show you here is where to eat a good paella in Alicante, and that’s why, after our top 6, we show you other options.

Alicante has several Michelin-starred restaurants where you can also enjoy top-quality rice dishes.

Paella at home

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Along the promenade you can find several seafood rice restaurants.


Have you tried paellas in any of the beach bars that you can find all over the beaches of Alicante?


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