Find out where to eat the best paella

Paella is a typical Spanish dish, Valencian paella is the best known, but we are going to find the best paella in Spain. Town by town.

The best Paella in the world

In Spain we have the best paella in the world, but basically because it is a dish that we have created here. We are going to tell you a little about its origins;

Although it may have been made much earlier, paella as we know it was born in the middle of the 19th century, in an area of the Albufera, Valencia.

At lunchtime, the farm workers, to get their strength back, would prepare a plate of rice in a flat frying pan over the fire. The Albufera is an incredible giant rice plantation.

The recipe was based on throwing everything they had on hand; snails and vegetables above all. When their pockets allowed it, they could use rabbit or chicken meat.

This is how Valencian paella was born. Later, creativity and greater economic power helped the paella to evolve with new ingredients…

Best paella in Spain

With modern gastronomy, the paella recipe has been changing and nowadays traditional recipes coexist with avant-garde ones. We bring you the best paella restaurants by municipality, in search of the best paella.