Enjoy the best paella in Tossa de Mar

A good holiday deserves good food Do you want to know where to eat a good paella in Tossa de Mar? The best restaurants.

Where to eat a good paella in Tossa de Mar

Paella restaurants in town

Top 6 Paella restaurants

El Tursia is not on the beachfront, but the value for money makes you forget about it. Their menu: less than 18 euros.

Also noteworthy is the perfect customer service, they explain each of the dishes on the menu.

One of the best seafood paellas in Tossa and the leek cannelloni and the fideua are highly recommended.

Homemade desserts, a little pricey, and the coffee ice is coffee ice.

💵 Average 25€.
📞 972 34 15 00
📍 Carrer Pintor Fortuny, 4

restaurante el dorado la pineda

The Minerva has a privileged location and beautiful views of the bay of Tossa de Mar. More than 30 years guarantee its cuisine.

In addition to having a good paella in Tossa, the rice with lobster does not disappoint and the fish is very fresh.

💵 An average of 25€ per person. Menu for 24€.
📞 972 34 09 39
📍 Carrer Sant Raimon de Penyafort, 7,

Castell Vell Tossa de mar

Castell Vell is a very nice restaurant with a spectacular terrace, located in the old town of Tossa. Eat inside the walls.

Mediterranean cuisine on the menu, with menus from 25€ (ordering à la carte is a bit steep).

If you want to eat paella, it’s on the menu and it’s very decent. Be sure to try the typical Tossa dish, cimitomba.

💵 Average 30€ per person.
📞 972 34 10 30
📍 C/ Abat Oliva, 1

At Racó d’en Víctor you will eat in a very pleasant and quiet room, with no hustle and bustle. The service is very friendly and attentive.

You can’t miss the spider crab rice and the seafood paella.
Their desserts are homemade, you have to try them too.

💵 An average of 35€ per person. Daily menu for 25€.
📞 972 34 24 31
📍 Avenida de la Palma, 17

can pini Tossa de mar

Cosy restaurant next to the wall of Tossa, air-conditioned, which is appreciated in summer.

Very good product, high quality. You must try the rice with lobster, a dish that is spectacular.
They specialise in paellas, but there is a wide variety on the menu.

💵 Average 20-30€ per person.
📞 972 34 02 97
📍 Carrer del Portal, 12

La Roca de Tossa is a small restaurant, two streets from the beach, family-run, where you can eat home-made food. Book in advance because it gets very busy.

Everyone raves about the seafood paella at La Roca, but thanks to the quality of the produce, we recommend the seafood platter.

💵 Approx 30€ person. Menu for 15€ even on public holidays, and another for 30€.
📞 872 98 11 88
📍 Calle Pola, 7

The best paella in Tossa de mar

Can Pini

Paella marinera

mejor paella de Tossa

The space: it’s beautiful, don’t be fooled by its small front terrace, the one at the entrance. Once inside you will discover its authentic charm.

The service: perfect. Attentive, friendly and without overstepping the bounds of trust. Very efficient.

The food: The “arròs del senyoret” is very good, and it gets better if you let it rest. For us the best paella in Tossa de Mar. You can also try the cimitomba. The desserts are very normal.

The price: it’s a bit more expensive than it should be for rice dishes, but if you look at the prices around Tossa, it seems to be the norm.

Tossa's gastronomic offer

The aromas of fish, seafood and Cimitomba are evident by day and by night in the streets of the old town.  In Tossa you don’t know where to look or what to choose, there is so much and so good. Even the souvenir shops have character, and it is hard to walk through the streets without being tempted.

Cimitomba is a seafood dish that fishermen and cooks have preserved, some in the boat and others on the restaurant menus. A relative of the fish suquets made all along the Costa Brava, the name comes from the fact that when it is time to add the aioli, the cook turns the casserole from the bottom upwards, saying “al cim i tomba” (“to the top and turn it over”).

Places to eat paella in Tossa

Tossa de Mar is a walled town on the Costa Brava. It has mountains and beaches, with a great seafaring tradition benefiting from the free trade treaty enacted by Charles III, by which its merchants crossed the ocean to go to market in the Americas (18th century).

It is normal to find good fish and seafood, not to mention good paellas in Tossa. Being close to the sea ensures quality and good prices in the local restaurants. You can eat the best paella in Tossa if you follow the list of paella restaurants in Tossa de mar.

The town in the Selva region offers variety and quality in its paellas. In addition to the restaurants mentioned above and their paellas, we love the typical dish; the Cimitomba.